Implementing Earned Value

EVMS Implementation for ANSI/EIA-748 Compliance

The implementation of an earned value management system (EVMS) is a significant investment in an organization’s resources, both capital and people. A frequent concern, and certainly a valid one, is whether the system will add value or add only additional work. In response, D. Gerard Consulting provides a focus on only those aspects of the system which are both necessary and value added.

In order to comply with the overriding ANSI/EIA-748 Criteria (the generally accepted standard for earned value management systems), it should be expected that some processes will need to be developed and documented within the organization. This should not mean these processes have no value beyond proving compliance. By systematically evaluating each criteria (there are 32) in relation to an organization’s existing processes, a less intrusive-thus less expensive-methodology can be utilized in designing the EVMS and achieving ANSI compliance.

More fundamental is this; regardless of the method utilized, project management is the art and science of managing cost, schedule and scope. Nothing more, nothing less. When properly implemented, EVM provides an effective and entirely appropriate tool consistent with these overriding project management principles.  Consultation also includes Deltek Cobra training: a fundamentals course covering each aspect of establishing an earned value baseline.

The horror stories of extravagantly expensive and ineffective systems are in many cases true. This is unnecessary. The focus must be on implementing a system which is comprehensively value driven. Nothing without a purpose, simple by design, accessible and scalable.

The Process:

An effective EVMS implementation requires a systematic approach to assure that both the customer requirements and internal processes have been comprehensively addressed. The ANSI/EIA-748 Criteria documents those objectives which must be met. They do not require how they are to be met.

This provides both an opportunity and a quandary. Each organization will have existing processes which address most of the ANSI guidelines. This allows for sometimes minor adjustments to existing processes in order to meet the requirement. Where an ANSI requirement isn’t yet documented, an approach appropriate to the organization can be identified which both fulfills the requirement and adds value to the organization. The quandary becomes how to most effectively meet each criteria. This is where 28 years of earned value experience becomes critical.

An effective EVMS implementation specifically addresses each criteria and, where possible, aligns these to existing processes. A pilot project would typically be utilized to demonstrate the system and assist in identifying any further requirements. Additionally, the pilot may be utilized in hosting the initial Integrated Baseline Review (IBR).

How to Get Started:

The approach to implementing an EVMS employed by D. Gerard Consulting is this: simple, effective, scalable and accessible. Nothing is added without a compelling reason and the fundamental objectives of project management are honored. Sounds nice, but how does this happen? First, a consultation. This is the best part because it is free. It also quickly determines the next steps.

If your organization decides D. Gerard Consulting best fits your objectives, an initial evaluation will identify the overall objectives of the implementation, necessary SW tools and other requirements, deliverables and timelines. Additionally, if other consulting resources are required, these will be identified.

Once the implementation is complete, the following capabilities should be available to your organization:

  • Ability to bid on projects which require an EVM capability
  • Depending on the overall scope of the implementation, a functioning ANSI/EIA-748 compliant system, the typical RFP critieria for an EVMS
  • A significantly improved project management system which facilitates effective execution and internal oversight

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