EV Rehab and General Consulting

Earned Value Management System Rehabilitation

An unfortunate by-product of the myriad approaches to implementing an EVMS has been the system which does little more than fulfill the letter of the EVM requirement . . . and sometimes not even that! Common are the systems which do little or nothing in assisting the project manager in identifying risks and opportunities in a timely manner (one which allows for implementing a corrective action before the opportunity has passed), prevents executive management from utilizing the EVM metrics in a meaningful way and frustrates the customer’s expectation of independently determining project health.

The result is incurring the cost of an EVMS without the benefit. Projects must still somehow manage cost and schedule, so it must be assumed that other processes are utilized to fulfill this obvious requirement. Thus, the EVMS, while still functional, fails to provide accurate metrics indicating cost and schedule performance. Two systems must now be operated, requiring all of the time and resources associated with each. Most would agree that this is not good. It also threatens an organization’s claim of having an ANSI compliant EVMS. This is no small thing.

D. Gerard Consulting offers an effective process of rehabilitating an EVMS. The same criteria used in the original implementation is utilized here, except that only where the system has fallen short will there be any modifications. Systems evaluated are the project schedule, fundamental to an effective EVMS, the integration between the schedule and the EVM SW tool, comparison to how work is managed and the WBS structure.

Once the evaluation is complete, recommendations will be provided on how to rehabilitate the system effectively. Either D. Gerard Consulting or the organization’s own resources can implement the necessary changes.

General EVM Consulting

Where specific areas of an existing EVMS may need attention or other objectives, such as IBR preparation or WBS development, D. Gerard Consulting provides the comprehensive experience necessary. Additionally, specialized and tailorable training is available in areas such as:

  • Scheduling fundamentals – Focusing on the basic tenets of scheduling, regardless of the tool.
  • EVM Fundamentals – Preparing the organization for managing projects with EVM. This will prove to be critical in any EVMS review.
  • Deltek Cobra training – A fundamentals course covering each aspect of establishing an earned value baseline.
  • Project controls training – A program focused on utilizing the PP&C staff to provide true EVM analysis and project management support.

If there are areas of your existing EVMS that are not meeting expectations, please feel free to contact us. We can assess your requirements, develop your processes and guide your organization to consistently effective project management.

Contact Info:

Email: dave.wallace@dgerardconsulting.com
Phone: 406.468.5100

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