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About Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace, President of D. Gerard Consulting, has 29 years’ experience in earned value management (EVM). Since 2006, he has focused exclusively on establishing earned value management systems within the government contracting community, in most cases for those who have never before utilized these processes. His experience includes witnessing some EVM catastrophes and labor intensive monstrosities which added significant effort with limited usability. His ability to utilize these experiences adds significantly to the effectiveness of the EVMS implementation.

Dave has become an industry leader in EVMS, having recently co-authored EVM for Dummies from Wiley Press. Additionally, with over 18 years implementing EVM utilizing Deltek Cobra and MS Project, there are few who possess the depth and breadth of tool and process knowledge Dave utilizes in each implementation. By implementing EVM successfully for more than 36 organizations over the last six years, and operating EVMS’ on significant projects over the last 28 years, the ability to streamline both the implementation and execution and avoid the many time wasting pitfalls common in these implementations will save an organization much in both resources and reputation.

A new service has recently been introduced – EVM Rehabilitation. Dave has witnessed many organizations whose EVMS has become unwieldy and of low value to the organization and/or customer, a secondary project management method for managing cost/schedule and otherwise an unacceptable waste of time and resources. As a result, D. Gerard Consulting is able to re-evaluate an EVMS, identify corrective actions and re-implement a value-added, compliant system.

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